Azalea Launches New Record Label & Publishing Company, “Big Flower Records”.

“It’s a beautiful day to make music.”, is a mantra you’ll hear frequently inside the home of Benjamin & Mia Hackett who make up the duo Azalea. The catch phrase was borrowed and altered from the hit TV drama, Grey’s Anatomy. This afternoon, this phrase means more than ever.

“Today we have some exciting news – the launch of our new record label and publishing company, Big Flower Records.”

BigFlower 2016 v3 A

With the current climate of the music industry, a focus on creating great music for albums, licensing, and touring, plus an all hands on deck approach to making things happen,Azalea has decided to streamline their process through this new business endeavor. For now, Big Flower Records will function solely as an outlet for Azalea’s music – acting as their record label and publishing company. However, Benjamin & Mia are excited about future growth opportunities. Big Flower Records‘ branding draws on the organic and rootsy, yet refined sound of Azalea’s music. Be sure to check it out at –

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