Eddie’s Alien Adventure

Eddie’s Alien Adventure is a new children’s adventure book from author André C. W.. It’s a fantastic story about a lonely boy named Eddie. Struggling to find a best friend, Eddie uses his imagination to escape the real world. But soon Eddie can’t see where his imagination ends and the real world begins as he goes on an adventure into outer space with aliens and UFOs….

When Eddie’s Alien Adventure was in it’s early stages, Author André C. W. asked us if we would write a theme song for the project. We took a day to write and record the track, which was a lot of fun. We sent it off to André and then went about life. As time went on, we forgot all about the song. A few year’s later, it’s a joy to hear it again as part of this book’s Kickstarter Campaign video.

If you have, or know, young children we highly recommend this book. You can get it right now on Kickstarter and even bundle it up with some other great treats including toys, colouring books, and a pair of Eddie’s pyjamas!