Reviews “Heartache & Whiskey” 💔🥃

Azalea has released a single called “Heartache & Whiskey”. Sometimes I’m baffled at how many amazing songs are out there. This song is magnificent.  Benjamin & Mia Hackett are the Australian/Canadian husband & wife musical collaborative known as Azalea. To quote their bio, “The way their voices blend together in song conjures an imagined romance”. This is exactly what I felt listening to this song. I pictured two souls gifted with abundant talent drenched in romance singing this masterpiece. I am reminded of Simon and Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac, Gaga & Bradley, and Lady A. Excellent performance instrumentally and vocally. The harmonies on this song are at the level singers aspire to get to. This great song would make any dramatic film better by being added to the soundtrack. I can’t wait for the world to know this band. Check out Azalea today!—heartache-whiskey