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We’re back… On the Jade!

We had an amazing time cruising on the NCL Jade. It was such a privilege to perform for and get to know so many wonderful new people. We’ve included a few photos in this post to highlight our experience. You can also find many more photos on instagram.

It’s been great to be back home, writing, recording, and catching up with friends and family. We’ve got some exciting things cooking in the background which we’ll let you know about in the weeks to come. But for now, the news of the day is that we’ll be heading back out on another NCL tour from December 7th, 2018 – March 1st, 2019. The itinerary for this one is the Caribbean which promises to be a nice experience. We’ll be heading to many new countries we’ve never seen and as an added bonus we get to skip out on the deepest part of the Canadian winter this year (another thing we’ve never done before).

As with our last tour we’ll be posting about our travels as much as possible. So, keep an eye out on social media for the latest news.

Wishing everyone a great November!

Benjamin & Mia Hackett


We’re Going Cruising!

We’re excited to announce that for the next six weeks we’ll be making music on the open seas aboard the Norwegian Jade! This new adventure has been over a year in the making and we’re really looking forward to this new chapter in our lives.

This contract will take us through the UK, Norway, Iceland, and the east coast of North America. We’ll be taking photos and sharing our experiences via social media along the way, so be sure to plug into Instagram, TwitterFacebook, and our website’s Newsfeed to stay updated and keep in touch.

Eddie’s Alien Adventure

Eddie’s Alien Adventure is a new children’s adventure book from author André C. W.. It’s a fantastic story about a lonely boy named Eddie. Struggling to find a best friend, Eddie uses his imagination to escape the real world. But soon Eddie can’t see where his imagination ends and the real world begins as he goes on an adventure into outer space with aliens and UFOs….

When Eddie’s Alien Adventure was in it’s early stages, Author André C. W. asked us if we would write a theme song for the project. We took a day to write and record the track, which was a lot of fun. We sent it off to André and then went about life. As time went on, we forgot all about the song. A few year’s later, it’s a joy to hear it again as part of this book’s Kickstarter Campaign video.

If you have, or know, young children we highly recommend this book. You can get it right now on Kickstarter and even bundle it up with some other great treats including toys, colouring books, and a pair of Eddie’s pyjamas!


Minor 7th Reviews “Gypsy’s Moonlight Motel”

Minor 7th has reviewed Azalea’s Gypsy’s Moonlight Motel.

Azalea’s super power is their vocals – Mia’s honey sweet soprano and Benjamin’s warm tenor blend perfectly on original songs brimming with hope and love. Their appealing mystical-Americana-meets-pop sound is layered with lots of dynamics from strummed acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboard and more that can swell to a crescendo and then fall to a near whisper, all in one song. It’s even more remarkable when you know that they played all the instruments. “I See the Church” uses vivid images to offer a spiritual message. They sing of perfect love in “Desert Moon.” “Reflections” features a sparkling mandolin against a gentle piano. “Moon’s White Light” is a compelling track that starts with big rock chords and wailing vocals that quickly falls to a calmer feel, then crescendos again and again. © Jamie Anderson