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Podcasts & Livestreams – April 2020


If you want to listen to us chat about music, life, and the crazy time we’re all living in, click on one of the links below!



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With all the music venues around the world either closing or closed due to the pandemic, we’re turning our living room into a series of virtual house concerts for you to enjoy for free. These concerts will feature both originals & covers and some will also include the option to “Request a Song”. We’re going to be testing out how they work on various platforms including:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

The first concert will take place on Thursday, April 23 @ 4pm EDT on Facebook.

Love & Peace,


Q&A w/Skope Magazine

How are we doing during these crazy times? We recently had a chat with the good folks over at Skope magazine. We talked about performing on cruise ships, our latest album “Live at Home”, and more. Read the full interview HERE!

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Norwegian Sun Update #2

Sunset from the Norwegian Epic

Hey folks! We’re coming home soon! Here’s what’s happened in the last few days.

On Saturday March 21st 75% of the Norwegian Sun crew was transferred to the Norwegian Epic which is also in Port Canaveral, Florida. We were told it was because the Sun needed to sail away from the Royal Caribbean dock it was in, to make way for a Royal Caribbean ship to come in.

The Epic was nice enough to put us in guest rooms (for now, they said). The photo attached to this post is from our balcony.

It’s been a pretty relaxing couple of days considering all the uncertainty that’s going around. There are many people who are getting flight details and then having them cancelled. NCL is prioritizing flights based on cities going into lockdown and which countries are closing their borders to their own citizens.

So, in an effort to get home sooner, we booked and paid for our own flights. At the moment we have confirmed flight details for March 24, 2020 at 12:30 pm on flight AC 1675 direct from MCO Orlando to YYZ Toronto.

We are very thankful to have been kept safe, healthy, and fed and we look forward to our journey home. In fact, we are even looking forward to the self quarantine because it means quality time with at least one set of parents, and our fur babies, as well as some time to be able to finish off some long awaited projects.

Once again folks, that’s it from our end. As always, stay safe, happy and healthy.

Peace & Love
Azalea 🌺

Norwegian Sun Update

View from the Norwegian Sun 🌞. NASA in the distance.

Just in case you were wondering… Benjamin and I are safe onboard the fully stocked Norwegian Sun. In an abundance of caution, Norwegian Cruise Line has suspended cruises until April 11. It will begin embarkations beginning April 12.

The Norwegian Sun is docked in Port Canaveral at the moment, and and far as we know we will stay here until the cruises begin again. We are in what is called a “wet-dock” situation. We do not have shore leave as of yet, so essentially we are stuck on the ship. It’s not too bad, as we have plenty of time to rehearse and work on some projects that have been ongoing for the last little while.

As far as we know, they will not be sending us home during this time. So, by all accounts we will finish this contract on May 21, 2020 as planned.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy time ahead. Please be smart and continue to be kind. ♥️🎶💫

Peace & Love,
Mia & Benjamin
Azalea 🌺