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Norwegian Sun Update

View from the Norwegian Sun 🌞. NASA in the distance.

Just in case you were wondering… Benjamin and I are safe onboard the fully stocked Norwegian Sun. In an abundance of caution, Norwegian Cruise Line has suspended cruises until April 11. It will begin embarkations beginning April 12.

The Norwegian Sun is docked in Port Canaveral at the moment, and and far as we know we will stay here until the cruises begin again. We are in what is called a “wet-dock” situation. We do not have shore leave as of yet, so essentially we are stuck on the ship. It’s not too bad, as we have plenty of time to rehearse and work on some projects that have been ongoing for the last little while.

As far as we know, they will not be sending us home during this time. So, by all accounts we will finish this contract on May 21, 2020 as planned.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy time ahead. Please be smart and continue to be kind. ♥️🎶💫

Peace & Love,
Mia & Benjamin
Azalea 🌺

Indie Spoonful Reviews Azalea’s song “Come With Me”.

Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

Benjamin and Mia Hackett are an Australian/Canadian husband and wife musical collaborative known as Azalea. Their song “Come With Me” is a perfect way to get acquainted with the duo’s undeniable chemistry and talent.

An ambient build drops us off at a steady beat led by banjo, paving the road for the rest of the mix to enter in “Come With Me.” One can tell immediately that this song isn’t your run of the mill country tune. Ominous, emotional backing vocals indicate the powerful moods and sounds to come as Mia Hackett enters with her first verse.

Hackett’s voice is clear and smooth, capable of building up to a passionate roar in less than an instant. “Come With Me” treats the listener to a world of passionate, creative sounds epitomized in the fiery choruses featuring both Benjamin and Mia Hackett’s voices.

The song’s lyrics are just as creative as the music that they accompany. One might say that the imagery used in each phrase is the most important aspect of the lyrics, forming vibrant images in the listener’s mind that speak to the overall mood of the song. You are brought to another world entirely when you close your eyes and listen to the Azalea’s words.

“The blood, is up to my knees, by the dial at three
I’m a dead man, hung on a tree
Ransomed and bound, put in the ground
Oh! will you come, will you find me?”

Azalea know what they’re doing, and have pulled off a musical masterpiece in “Come With Me”. The song will never grow old to you as every element of the composition holds vibrant intrigue. Whenever an artist or group like this comes along, you can be sure that there are hours of entertainment and inspiration in your immediate future.

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Wanna book a house concert?

Host a House Concert

We’re back from six months at sea performing onboard the Norwegian Jade. We saw and performed a lot over those months! It was a great experience that took us all the way from the Mediterranean to Asia.

Seeing as we are back in Canada for a window of time we’ve decided to set up a string of very special concerts in our favourite style – HOUSE CONCERTS.

We would like to invite you to to host your very own house concert. Never heard of a house concert and wouldn’t know where to begin? We can help you with that. Basically, hosting a house concert is like having a get together with your friends and then settling into your living room for a private and intimate 1 – 2 hour concert with Azalea.

Honestly, hosting a house concert will make you the most popular house on the block! If you can gather ten or more of your neighbours, friends, and family you should really consider hosting one. House concerts are lots of fun and will have your guests talking for weeks. The greatest part is that it costs you nothing! That’s right, nothing! You simply invite those you think would enjoy the evening, and they would pay an entrance fee to cover our expenses. You can invite people privately, via a Facebook event, or any other means you see fit. So please, email us and we’ll get your house concert booked!  – info@AzaleaMusic.net

We are currently booking shows between February 17 – March 29.

Moonshine Show with Mississippi Bends

Join us and the Mississippi Bends in Oakville on February 20 at the Moonshine Cafe. The Moonshine is one of coziest venues in the GTA. Every seat in the house is a good one!

We had such a good time when wets venue with them last year that we decided we had to do it again!

Thursday, February 20, 2020
The Moonshine Cafe
137 Kerr. St., Oakville, Ontario

Doors @ 9pm
$10 per person
Lineup – Azalea, Mississippi Bends

Love & Peace,