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Azalea Plays Tribute to Fleetwood Mac – Livestream Concert

The rumours are true! Fleetwood Mac has been considered one of the most intriguing and mystical bands of all time. Join Azalea as they take you their own way through Fleetwood Mac’s catalogue of classic hits.

Let’s gather (in our respective living rooms) for an intimate & engaging night of music & conversation, presented in full HD video/audio.

All tickets are ‘pay what you want’, but there are only 20 available for this show. So, grab yours fast!

More info:
• This concert will feature HD video & sound
• Watch on any device
• Tickets are ‘friends/family tickets’, good for whoever can fit on your couch
• Includes a re-watch link, in case you tune-in late or miss anything

Grab your ticket below & start looking forward to a fun (and safe) night of music!


Livestreams – May 2020


We had a great time on Facebook last Thursday when we played our first livestream concert. If you missed it, you can catch the replay HERE.

We’ll be doing more of these over the coming weeks with slight changes in theme, setting, and social media platform. Our next livestream performance will be on Instagram on Thursday, May 7 at 6pm EDT. We’ll be taking song requests for this one. To request a song follow these steps:

1. Visit the following link and choose the artist you’d like us to cover – CLICK HERE
2. Click HERE to reply with your request.

Please be sure to get your requests in by May 4 @ 11:59PM EDT. If we get more requests than time allows for, we’ll first prioritize our selection based on most number of requests for the same particular artist. We’ll prioritize secondly based on our favourite requests.

Wondering how to watch on instagram? This may help: https://help.instagram.com/699289326902954

Love & Peace


Podcasts & Livestreams – April 2020


If you want to listen to us chat about music, life, and the crazy time we’re all living in, click on one of the links below!



Apple Podcasts




With all the music venues around the world either closing or closed due to the pandemic, we’re turning our living room into a series of virtual house concerts for you to enjoy for free. These concerts will feature both originals & covers and some will also include the option to “Request a Song”. We’re going to be testing out how they work on various platforms including:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

The first concert will take place on Thursday, April 23 @ 4pm EDT on Facebook.

Love & Peace,