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The charm in Azalea’s forthcoming album is attributed to a new approach. Some of the songs have been recorded live-off-the-floor to capture the magic seen in their performances.

Getting to know Azalea’s music is getting to know Benjamin and Mia Hackett, the husband and wife duo from Hamilton, Ontario. The way their voices blend together in song conjures an imagined romance, much like their own. Before they met, Benjamin and Mia worked hard at their craft but each felt separately, something was missing. One songwriting session together led to the discovery that what they were missing was each other. And together, their sound has blossomed into something beautiful, the sound of Azalea.

Benjamin and Mia have released three albums and one single together, each project holding a special place in their hearts. However, they are most excited about their current project “Gypsy’s Moonlight Motel” that will be released in October, 2017.

Both Benjamin & Mia studied world music at university.

The new songs were written and recorded with the usual homegrown heart and soul. Of course, this wouldn’t be an Azalea album without love songs and two-part harmonies. “Gypsy-Americana” is a term coined to define the remaining songs that borrow from North American and Eastern European folk traditions.

In 2013, Azalea released the EP “Inside Out”. An album which streamlined their folk-tinged pop sound and showcased songs to tug at the heart strings with haunting melodic and harmonic lines. Reminiscent of The Civil Wars, and Fleetwood Mac “Inside Out” shed light on Azalea’s Alt- Country side. They recorded the album at “Sweet Dreams Recording Studio” in their Hamilton home. The pitch for its successful crowd-funding campaign gave some insight into their work:

“. . . it has always been our goal to release quality music that is culturally relevant and speaks to the heart. . . . However, we wanted to take listeners on a journey beyond the routine of everyday life to the place that connects them with their emotions, beliefs, and values in a real way.”

Two haunting voices supported by guitar, piano, and their trademark “suitcase-kick-drum” create a breathtaking concert experience. A must see for fans of “The Civil Wars” and the film “Once”.

In late 2012 Azalea released “At the End of This Year…”, their seasonal single which is available exclusively from iTunes and CD Baby.

Azalea’s 2010 release, “Coffee & Kisses EP”, was among the top three finalists for Recording of the Year, Rock Recording of the Year, Instrumentalist of the Year, and Producer of the Year at the 2010 Durham Region Music Awards. The album was featured in prominent music magazines and generated a huge response from college radio across Ontario.

Years before anyone knew Benjamin and Mia Hackett as Azalea, they performed, travelled, and recorded an album as Benjamin & Mia. “The Carousel of Life” (2007) is the root of their love for each other and for their musical life together. That first album thrust them into the life they know, love, and hope to express in song, to every listener.

Recording a video for their song “Apartment 22” on winter day in downtown Hamilton, Ontario.

To experience them live, check Azalea’s concert schedule. Their chemistry is undeniably adorable – Azalea’s “cute factor” has become a distinguishing feature that permeates their live performances and echoes from their lyrics and musical arrangements. Their performances feature enchanting and intimate pieces with original arrangements.

Azalea’s music is available on iTunes, CD Baby, and at their concerts.

Azalea has had success licensing their songs. Keep an ear out for their music in your favourite television shows and movies.

Whatever the setting, you’ll find them to be genuine and joyful – relishing every moment.